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Jaguar Skills

Jaguar Skills прави невероятни шоупрограми, така че някой ако не го е слушал да се поправи на момента.

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Jaguar Skills x Trevor Nelson - The Cool Ass R&B Session - 19th Feb 2011

Re:Jaguar Skills

Jaguar Skills x Trevor Nelson

The Cool Ass R&B Session


Mary J Blige - I Love You (Remix)

Erykah Badu - On And On (Jag Skills Version)

Mary J Blige - Love Without A Limit (Remix)

Soul 4 Real - Candy Rain

Blackstreet - No Diggety (Jag Skills Version)

Soul II Soul - Back To Life (Jag's UFO Remix)

Foxy Brown - Touch Me Tease Me Freestyle

Alexandra O'Neal - Saturday Love (Jag's ESG Remix)

Montel Jorden - This Is How We Do It (Jag's Spaced Out Remix)

En Vouge - Hold On

Case - Touch Me Tease Me (Jag Skills Version)

Donnell Jones - U Know What's Up (Instrumental)

TLC - No Scubs (Jag Skills Version)

Today - I've Got The Feeling

R Kelly - Vibe

Tammy Lucas - Is It Good To You?

Ready For The World - Yo That's A Lot Of Body

Samuelle - So You Like What You See

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Re:Jaguar Skills

Нов Jaguar Skills:



BBC Theme - BBC Film Program

Lalo Shrifin - Theme From Enter The Dragon

The Barkays - Son Of Shaft

Vienna Philharmonic - Marriage of Figaro: Overture (Trading Places)

Nino Rota - The Godfather Waltz - (Godfather)

John Williams - The Raiders March (Raiders Of The Lost Arc)

John Williams - The Imperial March (Starwars)

Bill Conti - Fanfare For Rocky (Rocky)

Prince - When Doves Cry (Purple Rain)

Kanye West - Touch The Sky (Realness)

John Williams - Superman

Sojah Boy - Crank Dat (Fast And Furious)

Daniel Caine Orchestra - The A Team

Jan Hammer - Miami Vice

The Cast Of Wizard Of Oz - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Stone Roses - Fools Gold (Lock Stock)

Big Pun - Deep Cover

Stu Phillips - Starsky & Hutch

Harold Faltermeyer - Top Gun Anthem (Top Gun)

Giorgio Moroder - Tony's Theme (Scarface)

Plan B - Stay Too Long (Harry Brown)

John Barry - Gold Finger (James Bond)

Nas - World Is Yours (Belly)

John Debney - Back To The Future

Amerie - That's What You Are (Thin Line Between Love And Hate)

Frankie Vallie - Grease Is The Word

Bee Gee's - Night Fever (Saturday Night Fever)

Ghostface Killah - Freestyle VIP

John Barry - James Bond Theme

Caspa - Terminator

Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (Fight The Power)

John Williams - ET

Warren G - Regulate (Above The Rim)

Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag (Human Traffic)

John Barry - Diamonds Are Forever (James Bond)

EZ Rollers - Tough At The Top (Lock Stock)

Gene Page - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Biggie Smalls - Dangerous Emcees (Notorious)

Chase & Status - End Credits (Harry Brown)

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